The idea and passion to create PotluckMeet come from the personal experience of the founder.

My first nomad experience

What’s kind of image do you have about “nomad worker” or “remote worker”?
For me it was a “symbol of freedom”.

-Wake up whenever I want
-Work wherever and travel anytime
-No more be packed in the overloaded train every morning etc.

I quit a company and started my freelance life.
When I visited Bali, Indonesia, I felt to achieve the freedom of life.
It’s my first time to travel abroad after 6 months hard work, at least 10 hours every day.

Freedom and Loneliness

How about my nomad life?
I was really excited at the beginning.
The life style I was longing for is in reality.

On the other hand I felt loneliness.
My usual routine was following,


Work at co-working space

Dinner at local restaurant


Next day, repeat the same routine.
Since nomad works independently I had much less chance to interact with other people.

Nomad workers are continuously switching their places.
I’ve traveled several countries and make new friends.
But I’m not sure if see them again after they left.

Meetup for casual meal

It seems there is full of chance to meet people, like networking events, matching service.
Nowadays I rarely use these kind of services.

The reason is that I don’t want to waste so much time for meeting strangers.
I need to schedule the meet up in advance, but not sure I’m in mood to join it on that day.

“Could be nice if I can meet up someone nearby when I want to eat meals”

This is the start of PotluckMeet.
For example if I work at cafe, there can be any other nomad worker there.
I open the app and send message to someone,

“Hey, shall we eat together in your lunch break?”

Vision: Future style of dinning

You may ask a question, “why the name is PotluckMeet?”.
Because I believe this app will be “future style of dinning”.

I love potluck party, bring food and eat together.
Not only I can eat many kind of delicious homemade foods with friends.
But it creates friendly and cosy atmosphere like family dinner.

I realized that people satisfy not because of the quality of food, but who you eat with.
Normal meal becomes special with someone who matches your feeling.

I’m glad if PotluckMeet contributes to make your eating experience more valuable and enjoy meals with someone.