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  • Yusuke Nakanishi

    Day: Saturday, June 9
    Time: 2 AM – 5 AM
    Place: habito mall
    URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/100924817443863/

    Hi Thank you for your interest in our little event!
    I am very much excited to hold this as much as you are excited to know what is this event about! First thing first,….

    • This event is a public event but is limited to 14 people max only since we might not have enough tools and ingredient.

    Every nationality, Every gender, Every age is welcome. (Family & Kid friendly as well)

    • This event is a NON-Profit event, but we would like to ask everyone 200 baht to help cover the cost.

    WHO are we?
    • We are NOT professional, we are only Japanese food lovers & tea enthusiasts who love to try things out.
    • We like the sharing economy, it would be a waste to cook too much. We want to take this chance to meet more like-minded people thru interest. (and power of food :P)
    • We are all in for a good conversation, whoever you are, whatever you do, we want to meet you!

    What are we making?
    Japanese sweets (Wagashi) type (Nerikiri) its bean paste (Shiro-An) semi-sweet, soft and glutinous. Therefore, it is easy to mold into shapes hence, artistic creation.

    Feel free to create any style you want, the possibility is endless. Whether it’s the shape, color or combinations. We will prepare basic tool to help you with (as much as we can!) But there is no guarantee that it will look flawless.

    You can look up in Google “Nerikiri” and find your favorite and feasible design then we try to make it together 🙂

    This sweet is a good combination with Green tea. Then we will brew you some green tea to drink with.

    *** You may bring your creations back home to share /show to your love ones***

    TIME SCHEDULE (Estimate-flexible & chill)
    14.00 we start preparing Shiro-An/ mixing colours
    14.30 we prepare decorating station & tools
    15.00 we start molding Nerikiri & decorate
    16.00 Show your artistic creation & have green tea together
    17.00 clean up

    About your host
    Yusuke: a Japanese digital nomad who is fond of connecting people thru food & interests, currently residing in Bangkok.

    Pop: a fluffy Thai girl who love all things Japanese. She has a passion for lifestyle platform and Muji.

    Language support
    English, Thai, Japanese

    Please click “GOING” and answer the pinned post!



    • このイベントは誰でも参加可能です。 MAXで12〜14名を想定しています。


    • 和菓子作りのプロではありません。美味しい和菓子とお茶が好きなので、自分たちで作ってみたくなりました。

    • 少人数だと材料が余ってもったいないので、みんなでシェアできればと思っています。



    14.00 白あんの準備 / 色つけ
    14.30 道具の用意
    15.00 練り切り作り
    16.00 一緒に食べる
    17.00 片付け

    ユウスケ: バンコク住まいのノマドです。ホームパーティ形式の食事会が大好きです。

    ポップ: 日本のものが大好きなタイ女子。好きなブランドはMUJI。



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