Eat, Meet and Discover

PotluckMeet is a matching service to find people to eat together.
You can meet up new people instantly in your limited time.

Are you busy for work?
Get bored of eating alone?

Then this app can be helpful for you.

What you can do with PotluckMeet

①Meet New People

PotluckMeet helps you to find people based on the location.
You can see people nearby and meet up easily.

②Save Time

You can meet up someone whenever you want.
No more schedule for appointment.
Just contact and meet in 10 minutes.

③Privacy Setting

If you concern of privacy, you can change the setting.
For example you can show your profile within your friends.

Why we start?

The idea and passion to create PotluckMeet come from the personal experience of the founder, Yusuke (me).
I was traveling several countries while working online.

I realized that nomad life style is not only full of freedom.
But also isolation and loneliness.

“It could be nice if I can ask someone around me for lunch together.”

The more people work remotely, the more would face the same problem like me.
I believe PotluckMeet helps people to connect and becomes the future style of dinning culture.

Be the first person to use the app!

Now we are developing the app.
Try and feel how it works with the prototype.

You can get notification when the app is launched through LINE.